Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time for a week long media fast....

Sometimes, my mind just gets cluttered..... My house is in need of a good spring cleaning but more importantly my mind needs one!! It is hard for my Spirit to hear God when my mind is so busy consuming tv, internet, radio etc! I don't even give myself time to think some days, let alone enough time for quality prayer with my savior!! This week I will be abstaining from media consumption. I will open up some time for my Spirit to refill with Jesus.

I have also been really thinking about relationships... the ones I have with my husband, my children, my extended family, my friends, my church..... In our modern, fasted paced world, it takes genuine determination to have real depth to any relationship. I have also found something very interesting.... facebook is both good and bad for me. The good is that I have connected with long lost friends and I can easily send messages to people I need to pass along information to or have a question for.... love that. However, the bad is that it feeds surface level friendships that are based completely on my own convenience. If I don't want/feel/need someone on facebook I simply don't get on. Real, deep, truly meaningful relationships are not so simple and require committed time and self sacrifice. We live in an incredible self centered culture and facebook has a tendency to feed this in me. I want REAL relationships with people!!! I want to spend TIME with people, I want to have CONVERSATIONS with people!!! I am blessed to have a few friends that go beyond facebook and I want to nurture those relationships. I also want to spend more un-hurried time with my husband and children.......

So, if you think of it... will you pray for me?? Thank you!!



tammi said...

Oh man. OH MAN! Can I just "ditto" this post on my own blog?! You and I are SO on the same page with this issue ~ except you've got far more will-power with the turning off of the computer!!

Tonight at our church ladies' salad supper, I'm speaking about "Growing Servant's Hearts" and this is exactly the area where my conscience is pricking me most ~ cultivating meaningful, flesh-and-blood friendships and really reaching out to involve myself in the lives of my friends, instead of relying on the convenience of FB and just typing a few words here and there when it best suits me.

tammi said...

PS. Oh, and I'll definitely keep you in my prayers this week as you "turn off and tune in" to the voice of the Holy Spirit!!

God's richest blessings to you, my sweet [internet] friend! ♥

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Anonymous said...

virtual relationships (while of some value) are a mile wide and an inch deep ... there is no substitute for the real.