Monday, April 26, 2010

Visions of Strawberries dance through my head!

I really LOVE this time of year!!! Anyone who knows me in real life knows that they will most likely find me OUTSIDE! For the last week or so I have been busy in the garden and in my new strawberry patch. Our local U-pick strawberry farm shut down 2 years ago (sooo sad). I have had a small strawberry patch, but not enough to put up jam, freeze, and EAT fresh....... This year, our solution, was to put in our own LARGE patch so that we will have all the strawberries we could want and I will have extra to sell. It has taken a lot of time and work (we wanted to do it right), but it looking great. I will try to get pictures posted soon..... I am so bad about downloading pictures off my camera. All said and done I will have 150 ft of strawberry rows (each 2 ft wide)...... I will also still have my other small patch.... I do indeed have visions of strawberries dancing in my head!!

On a side note.... My Blogging fast was wonderful!!!! It again revealed to me how much time I waste on the computer and how much mental energy all this blogging (reading and writing) consumes.... Really, when something happens my first thought shouldn't be whether it will make a good blog post!! :) LOL!! I also shouldn't be plagued by guilt that is induced by reading all the wonderful things that others are doing..... I can only DO so much... I'm only ONE person!!! I just read other blogs and want to do it all, too!! YIKES!!

I recently purchased a "Simply Said" design from my friend, Michelle, and I think it is a perfect reminder for me..... "Enjoy this Moment, for this is Your Life!"


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Sandy said...

I cannot wait for our strawberries! So yummy!