Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks for your prayers!!!

The woman's retreat last weekend went GREAT!!!
God is SO good!!!

The power of God was evident in so many ways and many lives were set free.
God used all of the presenters and the worship time to lead us to freedom in God's grace and to expose the space we have 'rented' in our minds to negative thinking. With over 50,000 thoughts a day we all have plenty of opportunity for thoughts to head in negative directions. I know that I have struggled with lots of negative self talk..... I wouldn't dream of putting other people 'down' the way I put myself 'down' with all kinds of negative self talk thoughts! YUCK!! Over the weekend we learned valuable life skills on refusing to think down and to replace it with Gods word, God's way. There is positive, there is beauty, there is a promise from God for ALL situations!!!!! It really is a matter of discipline.... STOPPING the thought pattern and replacing it with God's TRUTH!!! I am so DONE listening to the lies of the enemy and the lies I create myself!!!

So, today I have been putting these principles into PRACTICE!!! My house has become neglected due to EXCESSIVE duties outside of the home. We have also had some beautiful weather and the garden is completely in!!!!! (I am really excited about our garden this year, but that is for another post) Today is a rainy day and I don't have anywhere I have to GO until 5:30 this afternoon!!! You know what that means????? Laundry, cleaning and playing with the little boys!!!! I am thanking God for this day to accomplish all this rather than grumble about all that needs done and belittle myself for letting things get this bad.

So, the death to negative thoughts and listening to lies!!!

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Anonymous said...


It sounds like your retreat was wonderful! :) I am glad it went well! Enjoy your day!

Debbie (Deblyn)