Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chicken Recipe Question/Answer

Leanne asked if the chicken recipe I posted earlier today could be made in the crock pot. Good Question!! Since I am all about simplicity and doing what works for the family I often re-vamp recipes. YES, it can be done in the crock pot with just a simple modification: Use boneless skinless chicken meat rather than bone-in. (also add in 2/3 cup water) You also could reduce the amount of meat by a third (since the bones do weigh a lot). It would be easier in the crock pot... but a little more costly. Sometimes it is just plain worth the extra money!! So if you are really watching the pennies use bone in meat. (my local small town meat department often sells leg quarters for 49 cents/lb.) If you need an easier version use boneless skinless chicken. Enjoy!


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Leanne said...

thank you for the answer!