Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogging to blog....

Do you ever just post a post just to keep the blog going or do you always have something you want to say?? When I first started blogging I looked at it more like a journal than anything else. Then I started writing for readers..... I'm not sure that the mental shift has been good. If you have noticed I haven't been posting as often as usual. May is probably the busiest month of the year around our place... second only to December. I have really been doing some self evaluation.... I am all about "Choosing Simplicity" in our life and blogging was creating a lot of 'mental clutter'. I decided to do some de-cluttering..... really evaluate what and why I post.

To be completely honest, I have struggled with rejection issues my entire life. God has done amazing things in my life to heal my heart and set me free from this bondage. I no longer weigh the low 105 lbs I did in high school (the skinny people are always loved, right?). My BMI is now in the healthy range. I also don't try to 'fit in' everywhere.... except in the bloggy world... YIKES! I haven't liked the pressure I have put on myself to have a good and read blog. I have found myself falling into the trap of wanting to be 'IN' the right group... hang with the 'popular' gals... be WORTH something. YUCK! I AM WORTH something..... I am worth everything to Jesus, to my husband, to my children, my family and the friends that really love me for who I am!!!

I have met some really great people here on-line and I have learned so much and been encouraged in so many ways by reading their blogs. However, the comparison trap is WAY too easy for me to fall into. "Choosing Simplicity" has ment cutting out a lot of blogging time for me. I have blogs that I will continue to read, but I am choosing to let go of some others. The same pressure I faced for years to be the "tall, skinny girl with curly hair" has manifested itself to have a "insightful, encouraging and meaningful" blog. I am choosing TODAY to let go of that pressure once and for all.... I am going back to blogging for fun rather than to gain readership. So, if I never have anyone read my blog again... OK! Life is too short to worry about my 'readership' when I should be spending more time reading to my children, singing with them, being silly and training them up to be well rounded adults!!!! They will not care if I am one of those "popular" blogs... they just want me!



tammi said...

Well, I, for one, have missed your more regular posting, but I do understand where you're coming from. There are times when I'm overflowing and it's no trouble at all coming up with things to post about, but there are times in the past, when I've posted just so people don't lose interest. It's silly. And I've decided to embrace and enjoy the next dry spell (whenever it hits!) because I believe it means God is calling me to something more important for a while.

And I think that's what He's doing with you right now. I do hope you'll continue to share your 101 Ways to Simplify series, but mostly, I'd love for you to blog just for the fun of it. I'd love to see more pictures of your yard, your garden, and your livestock. Just "day in the life" kinda stuff. I need to get back to that, too.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Kudos to you! I took a blogging sabbatical last year when we were dealing with some family issues. I just could not put on a "happy blog face" for the few readers I had. I came back to it several months ago, and now post when I have something to say. It certainly isn't daily, especially around this time of year when I am busy outside. Blogging is fun, but it isn't important...not when you compare it to what is REALLY important....relationship with Jesus!

Samantha said...

I enjoy reading your blog and enjoy blogging just for the fun of it, it doesnt matter if I have one reader or one hundred. I am blessed by many of my Christian blogger friends and many times their posts will touch my heart.
Keep it simple, as your title is,
I just enjoy keeping blogging simple along with living the simple life. God bless
Hugs and blessings to you !

Leanne said...

great post. I check your blog every day and I love to read what you have to say. I don't right much meaningful stuff on my blog anymore either/ I like to just show of the kids (mainly for their adoring fans-friends and family)...
I stopped trying to keep up with the crafting, homemaking, spirituality of it a while ago!
I think that's why I love Facebook now! You can just make random comments. No one seems to care if they get commented on or not! Its just for fun...
I hope you keep writing. Its fun to read what you have to say...OH!! and I think you should finish the simplicity series, too!

Anonymous said...

I complately understand where you are coming from!! This is a struggle for me, as well. I even thought about taking a sabbatical this summer, so I can spend more time blowing bubbles and tickling my children, than taking pictures and thinking of new things to blog about.

I too, want to be part of the "cool crowd" and fit in. While I struggle to do that, there are 3 little members of my fan club, vying for my attention RIGHT HERE! Yet I choose to put them off so I can have an accolade or two from someone I don't even really know.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and just know that you are totally not alone in this!

Meredith said...

What a great "reality check!"

I don't know a single blogger who hasn't fallen into this trap one time or another. You have to get out and live life in order to write about it!

Thanks for sharing your perspective. I look forward to following your simple journey, even if the posts are fewer and farther between.

Abbi said...

Thanks for sharing in this post. I can relate as well. I have struggled with spending time that really should have belonged to my family trying to put together posts so that I could have more readers and get a few comments.

Things have been going better for me lately. I have not allowed myself to spend as much time on the computor and tried to be more efficient in the time I do have. I am trying to watch myself better to make sure I don't put to much stock in the numbers on the blog. I have spent time in prayer about all of this too.

I have decided that blogging is a part of me and that I will probably keep at it but God willing it will not control me, it will be for fun in the time I have extra (not taking away from my family) and it will be to Glorify Him!
I hope you are able to find the balance that works for you as well!

Anonymous said...

I too can relate! I just want you to know that no matter what you blog about, I enjoy reading! :) I just love your heart for your family, for simple living, etc. So, blog for fun! :) I plan to stay and read! :) Blessings to you!

Debbie (Deblyn)