Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Making Friendship a priority

It is so easy to let LIFE get in the way of spending times with friends. You know what I mean.... there is always the house, the kids, the work, the school, the activities, and church.... If I am not intentional about SCHEDULING time with friends it just doesn't happen. I have a "Mom's Group" Bible study that meets every Friday morning. It is a HUGE blessing!!! That group of ladies is my weekly lifeline. We are going to get the whole families together for a cook-out at our place this Sunday evening! We are all looking forward to it. Not everyone will be able to come, but we decided to quit waiting for the "perfect" time when everyone could come and just DO IT!!!! Letting go of perfectionism can be hard... but oh, so worth it!!!

Today, I visited with another friend. Our children had a wonderful time playing together and Brook and I had a chance to catch up. I hadn't seen Brook in months..... we hadn't put it on the schedule. We had a GREAT chat and it reminded me again how important making time for friendships really is.... The fact is that at the end of the day it is the relationships that bring value and satisfaction to life!!!! By the way, Brook is an EXCELLENT seamstress.... you can visit her shop, here. I am blessed to own several things sewn by her loving hands!

So my encouragement for you today is to make some time for REAL life friendships. Internet friendships are great and valuable (I have 'met' some very wonderful people on the computer), but there is something extremely SPECIAL about real, in the flesh, friendships!!!!! Give a friend a call and schedule a visit!!!


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tammi said...

YES, I've been feeling this conviction more strongly lately, too. It's uncanny how much you and I seem to be in sync these days!!

I think part of it for me is that hubby has been elected a church elder now and so not only am I wishing I was better at hospitality, now it's actually sort of become a mission. Which is REALLY going to stretch me, but I'm looking forward to the challenge and the resulting growth!