Monday, August 4, 2008

Tour Tuesday!!!

It is time for another edition of "Tour Tuesday"! I haven't done one for a while, but am ready to jump back in. Blogger isn't cooperating.... I can't get any pictures to upload... hope you all have better success! In the spirit of Tour Tuesday go HERE to my previous blog to go on a "tour" of my big 8 point monster buck I got last fall!!! God is SOOO Good!!!!!!

THANK YOU, Tammi, for creating the "Tour Tuesday" button! She knows I am NOT computer savvy!!! She is also the one that made the Simple Family Supper button! It has been a blessing to meet wonderful people through blogging!

Join me in Tour Tuesday! Give us a "tour" of something (anything) in your life and leave a link!
I am looking forward to visiting!


*** Update.... If you read the "monster buck" post you know how wonderful our God is at protecting us! We weren't able to use any meat from that deer.... just too bruised up from the crash.... locally I have gotten to be known as the woman that took out that BIG (record book size) buck with her car! The picture got forwarded and forwarded around in emails! In fact just a couple of weeks ago someone asked me if I was the lady that hit the big buck! Not really the reputation I want... wouldn't mind it if I took it down the "right way"! It has been a great way to share about God's protection in our life.... Turning everything into Good through GOD! ******


Deborah said...

I've been taking part in Bloomin' tuesday, but i think I can combine the two! Readers will get two tours for the price of one! LOL

tammi said...

That's a HUGE deer!!! Wow, all that meat ~ and you didn't even have to hunt it, field dress it, and quarter it to drag it out of the bush somewhere! Glad you were both okay and that you got to enjoy the fruits of your car wreck!!

tammi said...

Aw, shucks. I thought you'd maybe have at least been able to get it made into ground venison! You did mount the trophy though, right?