Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to schedule.....

Schedules... plans... routines....

I love them and hate them.
I love them because they work.
I hate them because they are boring.

I'm not good at sticking with them.

Bottom line: I NEED them! With a home, a family of six, animals, a business and other activities a schedule is what keeps me organized and not forgetting. My family NEEDS me to have a good way to keep organized! I have to be flexible with my schedule not limiting myself to exactness! I have to keep it from getting boring or I'm not going to follow it. I'm not a born organized... I am a SHE (sidetracked home executive... see flylady). I have to see how it is going to help me, not limit me. Kind of like a budget... all restrictions and no fun is way to limiting and I am going to blow it. I have used a weekly planning sheet since my college days. I just tweaked it a little to include my blogging schedule. What kind of weekly plan do you use? What calendar system do you use. We also have a big calendar on the wall that ALL activities go on.... if it is not written down it will NOT happen. Are you a schedule lover or like me, someone who acknowledges my need for them without saying I love it! Tell me about your system... I am always ready to learn!

I would be happy to share my weekly chart that I created to organize my life.... I just need help to do that .... how can I show a word or pdf document? I have NEVER claimed to be computer savvy! Thankfully I have a great computer dude that does all the behind the scene things for Simple Family Supper! Without him I would be sunk!


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tammi said...

Does this help? I discovered Blogging Basics 101 a while back and have learned a lot from them.