Saturday, August 2, 2008


Smile.... I tell my self as I am splattered AGAIN by our 3 pigs. Pork Chop, Ham and BBQ are getting BIG! Not too much longer till they are in the FREEZER rather than in their MUDDY pen. Being that this is the first time I have ever raised pigs (even though when I was born my parents owned a VERY large hog operation) I didn't know that pigs shake off mud like a wet dog! YUCK!! We have had such a wet summer (blessing for the garden) that the pigs have lived constantly "as happy as a pig in mud" all summer! Next year the pigs will be on CONCRETE!

The chickens are doing well.... we have lots of eggs to go with our soon HAM!

Update: As I posted earlier I purchase "Barry's Boot Camp" workout. How do I like it you wonder? LOVE it!!!!!!! It is a fantastic workout.... Ok... it sort of kicked my xxxxxx the first few times, but it is already much easier. Part of it is the learning curve of any new workout the other part is that results are FAST! I know I am getting stronger already! I am not trying to loose weight (although 10 pounds would be a bonus) so my priority is muscle strength and toning. I would probably have to give up my daily ice cream and fountain Coke to loose some weight.... I love that each exercise is ONE minute long and that is all! With other work outs I always would wonder and wonder how long I would have to do this thing.... I can handle anything for ONE minute!!

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Anonymous said...

Your life sounds like lots of hard work and fun. I just love the names of the pigs. Do the chickens have names too??