Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update on my homemade liquid dishwasher soap

I posted way back in the fist week of January about my homemade liquid dishwasher soap. (You will find the recipe at that post) I appreciate when other bloggers post updates on their homemade/frugal attempts... did it really work?? This time it really worked!!

I used this batch all of January, February and finished it up yesterday. Almost three entire months running the dishwasher at least once a day and many times a week it gets ran twice a day. Not bad for $3!!!! It cleans the dishes extremely well and with all that savings I am completely happy! One thing I did find was how LITTLE of this I actually need to use for the dishes to come out sparkling clean!



tammi said...

Three MONTHS for $3??!! That's incredible!!! I always love hearing about inexpensive homemade stuff that works well.

trooppetrie said...

I made this months ago and it cleaned well but i did not like that it did not suds well. I know suds do not clean but I love the look of suds. I do love my dishwasher soap and laundry soap.

More than Survival said...

I am with you... when I am hand washing I heart bubbles (even though I know in my head that isn't what cleans and it is actually the *bad* stuff that makes it bubble).... However, my dishwasher can't do bubbles so this home made mixture works great!!

Erin said...

thanks for reposting this. i forgot i had wanted to give it a try!
do you have any good recipes for homemade laundry detergent??

Lara said...

Just a heads up for those that like bubbles. Dishwasher stuff should not have bubbles. Store bought dishwasher detergent does not have suds.

I'm so excited to use this recipe. I have tried a homemade powder, and it was not great. Went back to store bought, and I bought some palmolive eco stuff. It is awful. It leave slimy stuff in the cup and it doesn't matter if you put more or less in it. I'm all about being more green as long as the product works. This did not.

Just made my first batch of this and it's cooling right now. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

I tried this as well as a liquid laundry"freakin"credible!!!.....the clothes are clean and i have no headache from the disgusting fragrances the commercial cleaners all have. My five gallons of "concentrated glory" is in the garage and i have an old two gallon jug filled in the laundry room! will never again see me in the laundry isle other than to buy my borax and washing soda ....thanks sooo much ....i tried the alcohol based cleaner....worked well.....however DIY has a recipe for a counter top disinfectant w/o the alcohol....peroxide and white vinegar.....that worked as well and is easier on our sensitive noses....again thanks for the life changing recipes!

Anonymous said...

is there something I can use instead of castle soap? I am not able to get to the store at this moment and am all out?

Thank you :)