Tuesday, March 23, 2010

devtion from Above Rubies... PRAY!!

I am a HUGE fan of the Above Rubies ministry!!!! The following is their devotion I received this week on PRAYER! We are all called to prayer.... especially us moms! Enjoy the post! I pray that it spurs you on to pray!!! I really do a lot of praying out in the garden.... so when I think of a picture to go with prayer I always gravitate to the great outdoors! God's creation is amazing and it shows of his incredible power!!!


The secret of praying is to PRAY.

We go to seminars on How to Pray and yet still do not pray. We read books on How to Pray and yet still do not pray. I believe that there is only one way to learn how to pray and that is to PRAY. We must open our mouth and speak to God.

It is sad to find believers who are reticent about praying. They don't open their mouths in a prayer meeting. Many don't even want to come to a prayer meeting. What is wrong? We should be known as the people who "call upon the Lord." Praying should be second nature to the believer

Pray out Loud!

Don't just pray in your mind in your prayer time. There will be times when you will do this because prayer should be a habitual part of our lives. But when you have your specific times of prayer, pray out loud. Get used to hearing your own voice in prayer. It can be strange when you first start but it is the way to get used to praying.

I have always prayed out loud in my personal times of prayer and found it a great blessing. Firstly, if I pray out loud, I know when I stop praying! And that can often happen. When you pray in your mind it is easy to go into dreamland and soon forget what you are praying about. When you start to do this when praying out loud, you come back to prayer with a jolt when suddenly there is silence! It also keeps your mind on what you are doing. It also gets you used to praying out loud in corporate prayer meetings.

Teach your Children to Pray out Loud!

Teach your children to pray out loud so they get used to praying. Praying should be normal to them. Encourage them to pray out loud in their personal praying. Encourage them to pray out loud at Family Devotions.

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, He didn't go into a great discourse on how to pray. Instead, He prayed a prayer. He showed them how to pray by praying. We learn to pray by praying. Your children learn to pray by praying.

I am frustrated when I go to a prayer meeting and have to listen to a long message. I thought we had come to pray! Why don't we get stuck in and pray? The need is so great. The nation is in peril. Our only hope is to call upon the Lord. Let's do it.

We all know 2 Corinthians 7:14, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and hear another sermon..." Ooops! Did I get it wrong? Sorry. But isn't that what we do? We come together for another sermon. Prayer is the last thing on our minds! But God won't save our nation by another sermon. He will save our nation when we pray.

Let's get it right, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Pray out Loud at Church!

My husband was convicted about this Scripture. Therefore, we no longer have church as usual. We don't have a prayer meeting before the service where about three or four people turn up. We pray when we come together as a body. We spend, sometimes up to an hour, praying together as believers before we open the Word of God. Guess who is first to pray. The moment my husband says, "It's time to pray," the children run to the front. They get in line to pray for our nation and the different nations of the world. They are learning to be intercessors as they are given opportunity to pray.

Fellow believers, let's get praying.

Pray individually.

Pray together as husband and wife. Faithfully pray together each day for each of your children and their needs.

Pray together as a family. Encourage all the children to pray.

Get involved in a prayer meeting where people love to pray. Or start one in your home. Gather neighbors, friends or whoever you can together and incorporate your whole family. Pray for the nation. Pray for Israel. Pray for the nations of the world. Pray as God leads you.

For the last ten years we have prayed faithfully every week with folks who live around us here in the Tennessee woods--people from different denominations who normally would not see eye-to-eye. But we don't come together to discuss doctrine. We come together to pray. Consequently, God has drawn our hearts together in love and unity.

Now you know the secret! You don't need to read any more books or hear any more sermons on prayer. Just start praying--and remember to pray out loud.

Start today.



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Leanne said...

that was a great post, Heather. I was sharing with Dana that when I was a little girl, it never occurred to me to pray anywhere except ON MY KNEES... I remember being shocked when I went to Protestant churches and they didn't do the same... I know God hears our prayers, no matter, what....but there is something SO HUMBLING about being on your knees...
I love aboverubies too!