Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Motto for S.I.M.P.L.E. Living

Choosing Simplicity.... breaking it down to the basics. I am CHOOSING simplicity by focusing on SIMPLE!

S = Surrendering pre-conceived expectaions. There are so many to let go of.
I = Identify the basics of day to day life and focus on them.
M = Map it out! A plan, a goal!
P = Purge! Less is More!
L = Leadership - being a home manager does not mean that I do it all myself!
E = Enjoy the moment! Live in TODAY..."If's" and "When's" never bring joy.

Simplicity is not relying on the things of the world to bring me peace and joy!!!!!!! The thing of this world (possessions, accomplishments, beauty, fame, popularity, wealth) never give lasting joy. Only through JESUS can I experience true and lasting peace, joy and abundant life! Cry out to HIM, He will be there! HE will fill you with His love, his forgiveness, his joy!! Life is HARD, but with Christ life has real and lasting meaning. Our time here on earth is so short, eternity with Him is going to be wonderful!!


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tammi said...

AMEN! Love the motto ~ may have to print that out and put it somewhere to remind myself!!