Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life has been a little different.....

I have been missing from the computer for the last week due to two events. First we were away from home enjoying a 2 night family vacation.... our first family vacation in four years! It was WONDERFUL! We took advantage of the Indiana State Park system's "stay one night get the second free" winter special and stayed at a Brown County State park in one of their family cabins. They have an indoor water park (passes come with the rental of the cabin) and so we were able to enjoy some 'summer time' fun at the pool!! We had a GREAT time!!!!! It was an extremely affordable way for us to have a family vacation. The cabin had a complete kitchen and so we were able to cook our meals and enjoy them right in our cozy cabin.

When we got home our computer (has been giving us fits for a while) decided to STOP! YIKES!! Not only do we like to get online, but we have a business to run..... So the old computer went to the computer guy for four days. Now we have it back (all clear of massive infections) and running smoothly. I now have TWO virus programs and TWO spyware programs to keep us safe (hopefully). I have always had one of each, but that isn't enough anymore........ frustrating! Our computer is also getting OLD and we will have to budget replacement in the next year.

I will be away from the computer the next few days while Chris and I get away for some COUPLE time!!! Nothing like packing vacation time so close together, but the State Park's winter special was just too good to turn down. Chris and I will enjoy our 3 days/2 nights together celebrating our 17 year "Together" anniversary! I can't believe that I have now been with my husband longer than I was alive before I met him! He was my high school sweet heart and God blessed me with a GOOD man right from the start!! I was saved from heart ached that comes from multiple dating relationships. I am glad that our get away falls on this special anniversary.... I love to celebrate all kinds of things! I feel that celebrating life is important! I am so thankful for my mother in law staying with the kids (and getting them all off to school/babysitters in the mornings). I think that the kids are looking forward to their time AWAY from us and we are!! :)

I'll be back next week.....
I do have one sad homestead experience to share and many SPRING fever dreams!



Leslie said...

Glad you had a great family vacation. I can't wait for our beach trip this summer. It can't come soon enough since we have about 12 inches of snow outside now. Enjoy your romantic getaway with your husband. We all need to find more time to get away with our spouses for our marriage and families sake. Hope you have a wonderful time!

tammi said...

You HAVE been kinda absent around these parts lately! Glad you've been enjoying some great family time ~ hope you have some awesome sweetheart time this weekend, too!

Abbi said...

THat sounds like fun! Getting a night free is a great deal!

To answer your questions on my blog: I have an old fridge that I devote just to flowers to keep them cool. Usually not all of them fit but I only get them a few days in advance so generally there are some needing to open up more anyway.
For the ice I do use molds. The mold for the one that I did for the wedding expo was simply a 5 gallon bucket and then 2 large bread bowls (one larger than the other that I froze ice between).

I didn't realize you did flowers as well. Did you do it out of your home too?