Monday, February 22, 2010

Choosing Simplicity: REST .... deep rest!

Weariness plagues our nation and women are the weariest of all. So many balls to juggle, so many things calling our name. From the moment we wake till we drift off to sleep our minds race with all there is to do, where we need to go and all the ways we are failing. The clouds of expectations looms over us.... often we believe that we lack in doing anything the way we should. There is always more, more to do and more we didn't get done. The exhaustion we feel penetrates deep to our bones and we long for a day of renewal.

We turn to all kinds of things to refresh us and calm the storm raging within. We exercise, we eat, we read, we watch tv, we take vacations, we participate in hobbies, we surf the web, we inhale chocolate, we call a friend. Yet, even after we have done these things to 'relax' and 'spend time on me' we still feel the daggers of exhaustion. The few moments of respite are erased by the pressures of life. How can we keep going, how can we have deep rest for our weary souls??

This past weekend I went to a ladies retreat at a local church. It was absolutely wonderful to "retreat" from the stresses of daily life, but even a retreat is just for a day. Life carries on and the pressures are still there. However, I was exposed to two verses this weekend that I had never heard (or if I had don't remember it). These verses are the secret to lasting rest! They are the promise to cling to, my new LIFE verse for the moment!!!! I now understand WHY nothing I do brings me complete rest. Why nothing I try works to relieve the weariness that plagues my heart. I was looking to what I can do, not to the ONLY source of rest that my soul NEEDS!

TRUE and LASTING rest!!!! REAL rest!!!

Psalm 62:1 (niv)
"My soul finds rest in God alone;
my salvation comes from him."

Psalm 62:5 (niv)
"Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;
my hope comes from him."

Going to anything but Jesus will not give us lasting rest! Ever wonder why even after doing nothing but veg in front of the tv for a couple of hours we can still feel exhausted? Ever wonder why nothing seems to completely sooth the unwound nerves?? The word of God is TRUE! NOTHING will give us REST except for JESUS!!! Time in the word, time in prayer, time in worship, time listening to our Lord God is the only place we will find rest!! Our SPIRITS need HIS refreshing and NOTHING we can do on this world will ever take the place of RESTING in our God!!!!

Today..... In those daily moments of sheer exhaustion, utter stress and feelings of failure reach for REST in Jesus! We NEED our daily time with God! We need moments WITH Him, resting in HIM throughout the day. Accept and receive the promise of REST that God offers!!!!

Start now! Turn on this song and allow God to bring you REST!!


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Love it! Thanks for sharing!