Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend love

Weekend wanderings! This weekend I will be wondering through a local small town festival with the kids on Saturday and then on Sunday butchering up a hog. (yes, we will be missing church, but when our neighbor friends and pork producers called to give us an injured hog that couldn't load on the the semi we had to jump at the chance.) My husband has to work all weekend and so the entire butchering will be up to my brother-in-law, sister and me!! I think we can, I think we can, I think we can..... We have had plenty of butchering experience, but we have NEVER actually killed, gutted and skinned the pig without Chris (I have always just been his trusty assistant). So, you know I am going to be BUSY over the weekend..... I will leave you with some cool links to check out!

  • First of all, don't forget to sign up for my Simple Family Supper MONEY WISE E-book give away!!!!
  • Way cool chicken house!!! Perfect for a town dweller or a country dweller only wanting a few hens. (I don't have anything so cute, but I did order a new batch of chicks that will be here in a couple of weeks!)
  • Pectin! Make your own!! Wow, I will just have to try this... one less thing to buy and just knowing HOW to make it on my own is so cool!!! I make so much jam that the cost of store bought pectin does add up.
  • Soap Nuts! Huh??? My new favorite all natural (totally renewable) "green" cleaner. You can use it with everything from basic cleaning to laundry, in the dishwasher to the carpet cleaner. Read this great article!
  • Hand stitched greeting cards look like a great winter time craft project. With a little help the kids could make these, too!! Go here to see tutorials on several patterns. Who wouldn't love getting one of these in the mail. I really like getting hand written notes in the mail... they are so special in our modern high tech world!
  • Helicopter Parenting: Another reason I DON'T want to be one!!
  • Former president of Proctor and Gamble writes a letter to Obama. I received this via email, but you can read it here, on "snoops"... it totally checks out..... INTERESTING!
UPDATE: Today is MONDAY and the we did NOT butcher the pig...... this one just wasn't for us!! LOL!!! He died overnight Friday night!! YIKES!! Good thing we didn't eat him... something was obviously more wrong with him then a pinched nerve! So, we did go to church and enjoyed the final church picnic of this summer season. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!


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