Monday, September 7, 2009

New Chicks on the way!!!

I got rid of my OLD flock of chickens (so old they had given up laying) a few weeks ago with the intention of waiting till spring to get in a new flock. Ha! I missed them SO much!! I have had chickens for the last 5 1/2 years and LOVE them... crazy, I know! My husband kept telling me to go ahead and order chicks now.... it will be warm enough for the next couple of months to get them off to a great start and by spring we will have fresh eggs. So...... I ordered them! 25 hens... variety of breeds will be here in TWO weeks!!!!

The first time I mail ordered baby chicks it seemed so weird that they were coming via the mail!! The post office holds them and calls for me to pick up right away. I'm so excited... we are going to have babies in the family!



Debbie said...

Getting baby chicks in the mail is like winning the lottery! I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of them.

Nancy M. said...

I love my chickens too!