Thursday, June 25, 2009

Need a Speaker??

Are you part of a MOPs group? Women's Bible Study? Women's Minisrty? Home Makers Club?
A part of a group of women??

Pass on some encouragement to your group!
If you are located Within 3 hours from Lafayette Indiana I would love to speak to your group.

Encouraging Topics for the Home Front:
* The BLESSINGS of the family meal
* Money saving on the grocery budget
* Nitty- gritty on Meal planning
* Let's get cooking! Basic, easy cooking skills.
* Cooking from the garden
* Home made bread
* Training up the next generation. Skills and recipes to teach to our children.
* Fabulous and simple deserts
* "Old-Fashioned" Kitchen Skills
* More than Survival.... the power of routines

Spiritual Topics:
Standing on God's Word through the storms
The Power of Praise
The Woman we love to hate: Proverbs 31

Let me know if any of these topics fit in with your ministry focus.
I am so passionate about the wonderful role that God has given to us as women. I believe that God has GREAT things for us and for our families when we are walking in HIS ways and not being deceived by the world. The enemy has put up a HUGE attack on the family and he is taking the family down by destroying the 'worth' of a woman. Praise God that God's word and ways stand firm forever and that our role as wife and mother is very worthy!!

Equipping women in the home and in their spiritual life is a way that God uses to strengthen and build strong families that serve Him!! No woman wants to feel like a failure in the home, but we need training!! The world is a different place than it was a few generations ago... we aren't receiving the same training and support from the older generations. We aren't being equipped with the skills and knowledge it takes to manage a home efficiently. Women's ministries have a wonderful opportunity to step in and serve women at these practical levels. I would be happy to minister to your Women's Group!!

Contact me:
Heather Corbin



Samantha said...

Wish you were closer !

tammi said...

Oooo, too bad we're just out of range!! ;)

On Purpose said...

Way to spread the blessing of who God created you to be Heather! Good luck...I just said a prayer and know God will bless your commitment to share Him with others.

Katie said...

I love all that you have to say here about being the woman God has called us to be! Too bad we're not closer either as the other ladies here mentioned! I definitely will pick through your archives though...this is exactly the pursuit I am on! Thanks for the insight you have posted on your blog on this subject of womanhood!