Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another reason I enjoy growing FLOWERS!

Fresh flowers on the table..... Simple... BEAUTIFUL!
God sure did a wonderful job creating fantastic beauty for us to enjoy. It has been my goal to create flower beds that give me fresh flowers for the table from Spring to Fall. The Holly bush gives me pretty foliage in the winter.

All the hard work in the flower beds are worth it! Nothing is better than God's creations!!!! Cultivating flowers (and veggies) makes me feel close to God. I pray more in the garden than anywhere else. Passing by the table and seeing the flowers is a constant reminder to me of Gods love!

What is your favorite flower?? Does gardening also cultivate your relationship with God?? Do you have a flower to recommend for me to grow??



tammi said...

We've got some day lilies gracing our table right now, but I think my favourite are the peonies. We've got white ones and deep fuschia-coloured ones ~ LOVE those things in a nice big rose bowl!!

I love flowers, but man, I tell ya, if it weren't for perennials, there'd be no colour on our yard at all!! (well, except for green!) I'm so bad with plants!

Samantha said...

Your flowers are beautiful, flowers are such a lovely gift from God.
Blessings to you dear friend.

Leanne said...

I just planted three hydrangea bushes this year...I'm hoping that they give us wonderful blooms as the years go by!