Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The BIG twelve!!! Birthday time!

Happy Birthday, Wesley!!!
My first born is TWELVE today!!!!
My life has never been the same since that amazing day.... I have GROWN so much... right along with him. Anyway, in tribute of his big day I thought I would share with you some of his favorite songs. Wesley is a great kid, with a HEART for God and others. He is a blessing to all those that have the privilege to be in his life!! Here he is with his Dad.. . they really have a blast fishing...
Enjoy these songs that he picked out!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Wesley! I have a Wesley too - he'll be twelve in August, although he's not my oldest but rather my baby of three (his sister's are 15 and 13). Blessings to you! Michelle

On Purpose said...

Happy Birthday Wesley! Enjoy your special day! You have great taste in music...these are some of my favs too!

tammi said...

Hope he had an awesome day!! Those are some great songs he picked to share with his mommy's bloggity friends!

Nancy M. said...

Happy late Birthday Wesley!!! I like a few of those songs too!