Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm going to let you in on one of my favorite SECRETS!

 Cooking with Venison!
We are a deer hunting family! I had NEVER eaten deer or even really known anyone that hunted till I met my hubby..... wow, has my world changed!

Anyway, cooking with venison is something that I struggled with at first..... I just couldn't get used to it and I thought it always tasted gamy..... well, not any more!!!! I learned the SECRET!

Secret to fantastic (you will never know it is venison) meat:
VINEGAR!!!!!!!!!! The acid totally takes away the game flavor! Period.... no more!
When I brown ground meat I simply add it while browning (I don't measure, but about 2 TBL per pound). When I make a roast I just always add vinegar to the cooking juices and I cook it in the crock pot.

I have also started canning deer meat.... talk about NO game flavor and a jar full of yummy!  I will have to post on that later!!

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tammi said...

You told me this little secret a long time ago and I've been using it ever since! It really does work!!!

odiie said...

I like the vinegar idea. I didn't know.
I usually can it to take out the gamey flavor. Everyone loves canned venison.

ohiomom said...

Your family sounds like mine in regards to hunting. We eat a LOT of venison. I've never heard of the vinegar trick,but I will try it. Usually onions cut the gaminess as well and we love onions so it works out, lol. Thanks for the tip. I'll be trying it out very soon.

More than Survival said...

Laughing lady.... sooo glad this tip has helped you!! Odiie.... I LOVE canned deer meat, too! Ohiomom.... I bet our families are a lot alike! Give the vinegar a try and let me know what you think!

Exam Sheets said...

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Anonymous said...

I just use/cook like beef,if anything I add a little extra fat,I just ground 15 pounds of moose with the meat grinder for my kitchen aid that my hubby got me for christmas,so easy,meat was 3/4 thawed,took no time at all, we are very maticulous when we ckean our game,it makes all the difference.