Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend love

Time to share some posts I have enjoyed!!!

Did you know that Laura Ingals Wilder wrote columns
in a newspaper before she published her books?? Read one here and also find a link to more! I really enjoyed it!!

The true secret to simple living: contentment!! Go here to read an excellent post on the riches found in contentment! To get this truth deep into our Spirit and LIFE would transform us is every way! God's plan, God's way really is blessed.

We had a HOME MADE Christmas (as much as possible) this year. Amy shared some fantastic Bath Salt recipes complete with cute gift tags! We gave these as teacher gifts (along with a pumpkin roll or loaf of celebration bread braid) and they were well received. We have also enjoyed using these bath treats ourselves!

Stinky Attitude?? I am at times GUILTY of this. This article really gave me another PUSH to seek God, repent and turn to a genuine GOOD attitude!

How we DRESS... Some more interesting thoughts on the importance of modesty.

Love paper dolls?? This tutorial on One Pearl Button is going to walk me through the steps of creating MAGNETIC paper dolls! I'm thinking that my niece might love these for her birthday!


1 comment:

Leanne said...

I totally love the link on dressing. I find it hard to find skirts! I did commit that I am going to wear a skirt, once a week, besides church...on library day! do you wear skirts very often?
if so, what size do you like? I can keep an out for you...
I totally thought of you when I saw the paper dolls!
Are you still homeschooling Robin? How is it going? We are going to start homeschooling both CJH and MAH in the my priorities and schedule have been vastly changing... that can be hard! I really appreciated the comment on praying BIG!! thanks for all your good posts!
(do you still go to your mom's group?)