Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy days are good baking days!!

"oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!" I am extremely thankful for our wood stove that has continually radiated warmth all day. Add to that the wonderful aromas coming from the oven in the kitchen and it truly has been a GOOD day!! The kids were sent home on early dismissal at 1pm so we have had an extra long evening at home with the kids!!

Since we are participating in the "Eat from the pantry" challenge I wanted to bake things that we would not only enjoy but would not be wasteful of ingredients in the 'pantry'. My husband will be taking more homemade goodies in his lunches and the kids are packing more, too. This afternoon I baked three things and was able to freeze the banana poppy seed muffins to use next week in lunches. My husband is admittedly spoiled with my homemade treats but for some reason still prefers good old Little Debbi in his lunch box!! Maybe this month of being "FORCED" to eat my home baked goodies will break him away from his Debbi!

FRUGAL and YUMMY recipes that I made today.....
EASY banana poppy seed muffins
Depression Era Chocolate Cake
Banana Oatmeal muffins (yes, I have a bunch of bananas in the freezer)

Are you staying warm? I know that everyone seems to be under a major cold snap. In fact it has been SO cold I lost two of my chickens this week.... such a sad day... poor things died right under the heat lamp! :( Sorry, didn't mean to end my post on such a sad note.... just this darn cold!!! I am a SUMMER gal... trying to ENJOY winter by BAKING!!! Wonder how I am ever going to loose this 15 pounds!!!!

Anyway, stay warm, bake something and ENJOY the day even if it is BLASTED cold!!!! (Whenever I begin to complain and hate winter I just remember Tammi up in Canada and count my blessings that I live in balmy Indiana! Do you know that they don't cancel school there until the ACTUAL temperature is less than -50F!! That is INSANE! My family is so sick of my saying... "at least we don't have to live with winter for 6 months of the year like Tammi and her family do".... :) )



Christian Fellowship Church said...
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tammi said...

Haha, I'm glad you can use my climate to keep proper perspective ~ glad I can help out! AND, this way my misery isn't completely wasted!! ;)

It's been stinkin' cold here too again the last two days. Not cold enough to cancel school, mind you...

Went for a walk today and was going to take a picture of just my eyes peering out between the narrow slit left between my toque and my scarf ~ EVERYTHING was covered with frost, including my eyelashes!! Woulda been a great picture, but I thought my camera was sitting right by the front door and since it wasn't, everything was already melted by the time I found it. And I wasn't about to go stand outside again to build up the face-frost a second time JUST for a picture!!!

(sorry, the previous comment was mine, but I was still signed in as our church blog moderator!)

Leslie said...

It has been soooo cold here in Southwest VA too. Not as cold as Canada though. I need to remember that their are people worse off than we are. I have been baking a lot too. I love to bake in the winter. I'm sooo thankful for the wood stove too.

Stay Warm:)