Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dancing the night away!

Whew... are we out of shape! We did have a BLAST on our country western dancing date night last night (Thank you, Melissa for keeping the kids over night!)!!! We danced, we laughed and we remembered that we USED to know how to dance. Some of it did come back and I was very excited to still remember one of my favorites, the sweetheart scottish (although the super fast and LONG song about winded me for the rest of the night)!! I REALLY need to get back in shape! It was nice seeing some of our old dancing buddies (read way back before kids when we used to have a social life, friends).

There was this couple there that is in their early 70's and they were on the dance floor for almost EVERY song.... unbelievable the moves they could make!!! What an inspiration. We are going to try to go a couple of Fridays/month. I think it will be good for us... both our marriage and our bodies!! We have a teen baby-sitter now!!! That is HUGE! The kids are also getting older so we NEED to make our Date nights a priority... I want to have some FUN with my husband... alone!

Well, have a blessed weekend... while I hobble around with sore muscles!! No, not that bad, just a little stiff!


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Leslie said...

Sounds like lots of fun! My husband and I have to make date night more of a priority. It has been at least a year since we have went out by ourselves and we need to really bad!!!!