Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Simply Life: 5 ways I use my timer

What are you cooking??
Well, true I could be cooking something (I am often doing this), but I actually use my timer more for other things!

5 Ways that my timer helps keep life simple:
  1. Borrowing from Flylady, I can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!!! When I feel overwhelmed by a mess or task I don't enjoy I set the timer for 15 minutes and work my heart out and then STOP! I love to see the progress that can be made in a simple 15 minutes. I am often able to finish the task!
  2. Fussing over a toy is stopped when the timer is set for 5 minute turn takings. My little ones automatically ask me to set the timer when they both want to play with a toy at the same time. They know that their own turn will come! Less fighting!!! Teaches concept of time.
  3. Keeps me on track. When I have to leave the house I will start setting the timer to keep me on time. For example, I will set the timer to ring when the kids need to get their shoes on and head for the car. My older ones use the timer to signal "time to watch for the school bus".
  4. I use the timer to help me practice hospitality. Every week there is a group of like minded ladies that meet at my house for a "mom's group" Bible study. I set the timer to ring 15 minutes before the arrival time. When the timer goes off I know that I have 15 minutes to finish anything and I start the coffee pot for fresh coffee. My little ones will often be anxious for their friends to arrive and they will ask me to set the timer for when their friends will be here (It keeps me from the "mom, are they almost here?").
  5. I set the timer when I start the washing machine. I can't hear when the laundry is done, so the timer keeps me from forgetting the clean clothes in the washer. This helps me get more loads of laundry done in a day.
How do you use your timer to keep life simple??? Without my timer I would be lost! My kids just automatically ask "What does that mean?" when they hear the timer in our house. I am much to scattered to live without my timer. Now, I NEED to implement the timer when I am on the computer... time has a way of slipping by!


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