Monday, September 29, 2008

Five things we do to get ready for winter

"Fall" is officially here, and although we have been enjoying the warmer than usual weather, I know that the snow will be flying soon. We have some "winter preparation" to do around here to get ready. We have started working on these things and need to keep focused.

5 things to get ready for winter:

1) Cut, split, haul and stack 10 + loads of firewood for our wood stove. (We heat 90% of the time with wood. It saves us a BUNDLE.) We try to work ahead a year.. to give the wood time to dry out. This weekend we cut, split, hauled and stacked 4 LARGE truck loads! We had great weather, the kids had fun and helped and it is a wonderful work-out!!!

2) Clean up the garden and flower beds and get them ready for next spring.

3) "Tighten up the Barn" Close up the windows, re-install the side door, close up the back opening, etc.... It really makes a difference on the draft level out there...

4) Put away all the hoses.... go back to using just the hydrant, put away the summer toys, clean out the sand box, etc... get the yard ready.

5) Buy ice salt, make sure that the snow shovels are ready, and start praying for a winter without much snow!! (OK, I think I am in trouble here because my kids pray for a TON of snow!)

What about you? What kinds of things do you do to get ready for winter??



tammi said...

Ugh, we need to get on the firewood thing, too. Hubby got a bunch in spring, but has been too busy looking after the garden to split and pile it. I guess that'll start now once the fieldwork is over. It would be great exercise for me, but so far I haven't convinced myself to go out there and look after the chopping!!

But yeah, the garden and sandbox clean-up will definitely need to be priorities in the next two to three weeks. Yuck.

I don't LIKE having to prepare for winter!!!!!

Nancy M. said...

It doesn't get snowy here or anything. But, it can get pretty cold sometimes.

My hubby and son have been getting firewood ready for an older couple. They said we could have some too.

We don't have a wood stove, though, only a fireplace. But we may end up having to use it, because of the high prices.

We need to get the chicken coop winterized soon.