Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keeping our eyes on Jesus....

Turn on the news and it isn't pretty. Focusing on the economic situation of our country is a sure fire way to work up a case of anxiety and stress! YUCK!! That is NOT for me!!!
I am NOT saying I am going to stick my head in the sand and act like nothing is happening... no, the Bible tells us to be wise and to prepare. However, over and over, God commands us "DO NOT FEAR"!! God will take care of us!!! HE WILL!!! Keep your eyes on JESUS!!!! Have faith in HIM to meet all your needs!

We have been preparing for a while... we have been getting out of debt and building up an emergency fund. We have been watching the spending and focusing on being WISE with our resources. I am going to do a few more things this week to prepare us a little more in case there are shortages at the store. I am going to buy some more staples to put in the pantry... we wouldn't have the biggest variety after a few weeks, but my plan is to have enough for us to live on for at least 2 months without having to go to the store. There are some additional things that we should do here at the "homestead" to prepare us for ever living "off grid" (that would NOT be fun, but we could do it). I do not want to go over board, but I do believe that having an emergency plan to feed my family, heat our home, pump water and do laundry is not being crazy. Are you doing anything different to plan for "emergency procedures" around your home?? Do you know of anything in particular that I should be doing??

I'm not sure what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future!!! God is with us!! Do NOT fear!!!



tammi said...

Shoot, I was hoping you'd have a list!! What staples do you have in your pantry and what would you eat for those two months?

Anonymous said...

You said it sister. We're taking the same road here...being prudent, but not fearful.

Just got about 300 lbs of potatoes gleaned from leftovers in the field. Now we gotta figure up a way to help them keep for a while.

Going to actually USE those wormy apples on the tree ;) to make applesauce...(we will remove the worms first of course! LOL!!)

Glad to hear someone talking like we are...knowing who's holding us.

Barb J. said...

I was just thinking today that I wish we had starting planning for this economic crisis sooner. Better late than never!

Nancy M. said...

I have been a little scared myself. But, I keep letting Him take the fear away. Such a blessings.

We are trying to have a better stocked pantry.