Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We are blessed!

 Happy 4th of July from our house to yours!  We are truly blessed to live in the USA!  We are taking some time today to thank God for our nation and pray for our nation.  The flag flies proud on our homestead!

We live a simple life.... a life that this wonderful country allows us to do.  We have freedom to attend a wonderful church and welcome friends into our home for Christian fellowship.

We are raising our four children to experience dirt under their fingernails and pride in their heart for a job well done.  We are small business owners, we work hard.  We also raise a garden, fruit, pigs and chickens.  We play hard, too!  We choose to learn and grow and appreciate.....

This 4th of July I take time to be thankful for our great land.  A country that though far from perfect is a wonderful place to live and raise our family.  May God bless America!

Today my 13 year old daughter, Robyn, and I spent a fantastic afternoon together in our farmhouse kitchen.  We cooked and baked and talked.  What day of celebration would be complete without some special food??  Robyn made lemon bars and homemade chocolate chip cookies that she used to make ice cream cookie sandwiches.  I whipped up 2 cheesecakes with fresh blueberry and strawberries on top.  The sausage is browned and ready to put into the crock pot tomorrow with the baked beans.  Simple TIME spent with my daughter building memories, growing our relationship and teaching valuable kitchen skills. Nothing in life is sweeter than TIME with loved ones!!!

Enjoy your 4th of July!!

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