Saturday, July 30, 2011

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

 The garden is really starting to produce!  Time to start "putting up" the harvest.  We love cucumbers, but you can only eat so many of them fresh out of the garden.  I have tried several times to can pickles but they have always turned out a mushy mess!  So this year I decided to give refrigerator pickles a try and we LOVE them!!!!!  I have made 2 gallons in the last 2 weeks and my kids eat them like candy.  They are a hit that will definitely become a "putting up the harvest" tradition.  These pickles will store well in the fridge for a couple of months.  I will keep making them and hopefully we will have pickles till thanksgiving! 

Refrigerator Dill Pickles
**** I combined 2 recipes and I don't measure exactly.... feel free to modify as you wish.

washed and sliced cucumbers  (however many you have)
Onion slices
Pepper slices (banana or green)

To make the liquid:
1 cup white vinegar
2 cups water
1/2 - 1 tsp garlic powder (depending on how much garlic flavor you want)
1-2 tsp dry dill weed (we really like the dill flavor so I use 2 tsp).... I buy dry dill weed at rural king.... they have spices cheap!!
1-2 tsp salt (again, this depends on how salty you like your pickles)

1)  Wash and slice cucumbers and put them in a PLASTIC bowl.  It is important that you don't touch  the pickles with anything metal... only plastic or glass!!!

2)  Sprinkle liberally with salt and cover cucumber slices with ICE and let soak for 2-5 hours.  (this makes the cucumbers crispy)  I just leave this sitting on the counter for a few hours.

3)  Drain and rinse.  Drain and rinse again.

4)  Put slices in jars (you can use whatever you have).  Add in onion slices and peppers (optional).  You can also add garlic cloves instead of using garlic powder in the liquid.

5)  Fill jars with prepared liquid to cover cucumber slices.  If you need more liquid just mix up another batch.  It will save for later if you have too much.

6)  Let sit in fridge for 3 days and then EAT and ENJOY!!  The longer they sit the better they taste!!!  They will keep in fridge for a couple of months... not that any will last that long around here!!  LOL

Have a BLESSED day, BE a BLESSING! Heather


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I made sun dills this week, and they store in the fridge, too! I have also had no luck with canning pickles the old-fashioned way and these are a great substitute!

Lucia Metcalf said...

yummy! keep it up!