Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home stead supper

My husband laughed at me for taking this picture, but I just HAD to!! This was the BEST meal we had this summer.... Why?? Everything we ate was either grown on our property or hunted by my husband! We had corn on the cob, broccoli, potatoes, venison and gravy, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, fresh peaches and blackberries for desert! YUMMY!!!!!!!!

Most of our meals have some element of 'home grown', but not usually the entire meal... it felt really, really good! I have to admit that it would take a ton more garden than I grow to do this every meal. My appreciation and respect for the pioneers of our great nation continues to grow. I so appreciate all I have learned in my life from my parents and grandparents about 'simple living'.


tammi said...

I LOVE meals like that, too!! But you're right ~ I can hardly imagine the gardening some of those pioneer women must have had to do, especially since many of them had a dozen or so kids to feed!!

Leanne said...

that is very cool, Heather!