Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tour Tuesday.... Lean times but full pantry

I haven't don a TOUR TUESDAY in a long time and think I'm due to post one.... I haven't posted one since last summer!!

Thanksgiving through the first of the year are typically 'lean' times for my husband's work. Not too many folks are wanting new floors over the holidays so things slow down. He has had work (don't worry) but not compared to 'busy' times. We plan for these months by saving every penny we can during good times and have it for the lean ones. Another way that I prepare for the slower work months is by keeping a good food supply in my pantry (or pantries). I buy in bulk when it is on sale, I can fruit, veggies and meat, and I cook from scratch. The larder is full and we are going to be eating from it the entire month of January. I took these pictures back in September, but they my cupboards are still as full, just with a slightly different inventory. I always pull the older product to the front and place the new purchases in the back. It really is amazing how much you can save on the grocery bill by stocking up when prices are at their lowest. January's grocery budget will be slim... but no worries there is plenty to eat. I am going to participate in Money Saving Mom's 'Eat from the Pantry' challenge.

Anyway, for a little tour....
The first picture I am standing in the family room looking towards my kitchen (my back it facing our second bath/laundry room). The wood cabinet with the lace curtain is pantry #1! Below you can see the contents.... This yard sale cabinet has been with us for many years and has been used in multiple ways....

I LOVE old jars and use them as both decoration and for food storage.

We have a shelf in the laundry room that I store over flow of cereal and chips.
When I can get good deals on cereal I stalk up... if there isn't cold cereal the kids eat oatmeal, toast and peanut butter or pancakes from the freezer.

In my kitchen I have an island cupboard that is such a blessing... I can keep a few items that I use often while cooking.

Down in the basement I store canned goods and anything else that won't be damaged by moisture (even though we run a dehumidifier). Right now I also have home canned meat, squash and applesauce. I also hit a wonderful potato sale so we have about 30 lbs of potatoes to use up. It is so good to have a place to store these things. Notice the peanut butter stock pile... hey when it is on sale for $1/jar I take advantage!! :)

We have a nice closet next to our second bath. I am standing by the wooden pantry shelf looking the opposite way across the family room. I use this pantry to store everything from toilet paper and toiletries to pop, coffee and snacks. We make use of every storage option we have.

You can see a little of our *new* bathroom! Having 2 bathrooms with 6 people is WONDERFUL!! I am so blessed to have a husband with all the skills we need to do construction ourselves!

One last picture.... my beloved up right freezers out in the pole barn. No room in the house, but I don't mind having to go out to the barn..... I am BLESSED to have these babies!! It makes raising our own meat and hunting for deer possible... without them we couldn't do it. They aren't pretty, but they do their job.

I hope you have enjoyed my pantry tour! I will be posting more about our pantry eating challenge over the month of January. God is so GOOD!! I am always amazed at the deals he leads us to or how he provides meat. I am also blessed to have been well trained by my Mom and Grandmother in the art of cooking, canning, gardening and food storage.

I would love to see your pantries!! Let me know if you give a tour... I would love to stop by and take a look!!


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Nancy M. said...

Wow, you really do have a full pantry! I need to do better next year. My husband works outside, so these are lean times for us this time of year too.