Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jesus is AWESOME!!! Testimony Tuesday!!

I just need to shout out: Our God is AWESOME!!! He is the same yesterday, today and forever!!! With God ALL things are possible!!!! He SAVES, He HEALS, He RESTORES!!! To God be all the GLORY!!!

So, what is the testimony??? Actually, I have a couple to share. Our oldest son, Wesley, has a HARD time with colors and at age 8 was diagnosed as color blind. It runs in my side of the family, so no real big surprise. Today, at age 12, we had his annual eye exam with the SAME wonderful doctor.... guess what? Dr. Norman could not find any sign of color blindness!!!!!! Wes passed every test with flying colors (yeah, I try to be funny)! He can see EVERY color!!!!!!! Praise the LORD!!!!!! His eyes are also LESS far sighted and he needs a weaker prescription!!

Also, our second son, Ethan has had tremendous trouble learning his colors. When he was three I played candy land with him everyday to help him learn his colors (he never got them). Ethan would slide the card he drew along the board to find the color that matched..... he was color clueless. The pre-school teachers, the speech therapist and I did everything we could think of to help him learn his colors. I even colored his bath water with food coloring to give him yet another way of seeing color) Well, this summer everything just seemed to suddenly change... he can identify EVERY color!!! He was tested by our eye doctor last week and is NOT color blind!!!!!! God is GOOD!!!!!!!!

Robyn has been wearing glasses for two years (near sighted and stigmatism). Today, she tested with PERFECT vision and NO stigmatism!!!! Needless to say, she is EXCITED!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! Every week our children's church paster, Tim, has been praying over all the children that wear glasses and encouraging all the children to stand in faith that God is our healer and that he can heal our eyes!!!!!!!!!

God cares about EVERY detail in our life! He is our HEALER!!!!! This has been such a faith boosting day for our children (and me).... They have been standing and believing for eye healing for the past year!!! PRAISE and GLORY to God!!!!!

Do you have a need for healing?? Leave a comment or email me and we will stand in faith with you! God is no respector of people... He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore!!! He can move ANY mountain in your life!!!!!!!



tammi said...

Wow, that's INCREDIBLE!!! Cause for praise and celebration, for sure!!

On Purpose said...

Hello Heather-these are great ways to show the healing hand of Jesus! And what a great lesson for your children to learn early on...that Jesus is more than able!!

Cara Putman said...

How awesome! Heather, I'm so excited for you but even more for the kids -- what a great pillar for them to lean on as they grow! God is faithful. Wow!
Now do we have the faith for our eyes...Hmmm :-)

Leanne said...

AWESOME HEATHER!! AWESOME GOD!! Please pray for our neighbor "Grandpa John" who is battling serious heart disease and lung cancer at the same time! The same God who made the Universe can heal Him...

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